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Red Chilli Powder

Indian dishes are known for spiciness. Gajanan Chili powder is a blend of ground, dried fruit, of red chili peppers sourced from the best places to maintain the quality. .

Turmeric Powder

This wonder spice and superfood with culinary uses as well as medicinal properties. We collect high-quality raw turmeric from farmers and process it with good care to maintain the goodness until it reaches our customers.

Garam Masala

This garam masala is made to perfection with the appropriate blend of raw spices, all carefully collected and processed. It will be an ideal choice to prepare any veg and non-veg dishes with restaurant-style flavour.

Fish Curry Masala

Gajanan fish curry masala is the right amount of quality spices and special herbs procured to make a delicious fish curry that combines the rich flavors of the coastline.

Chaat Masala

Gajanan Chaat masala made with the purest amchur, anardana, and other vital ingredients to Chaat Masala will give you the authentic taste of street food. This magic blend gives the extra punch to your favourite chaats.

Chicken Curry Masala

Gajanan chicken masala is a perfect blend of ginger, garlic, onion, coriander, and cumin. These special herbs and spices added cinnamon, green cardamom, and cloves give extra flavour to your chicken dishes.

Coriander Masala

Coriander is an aromatic spice with a musky scent punctuated by a twang of citrus. Add our freshly prepared coriander powder to your curries, soups, stews, or sambar and meat. Store it in a cool, dry place to last longer.

Meat Curry Masala

Gajanan meat masalas add a mouthwatering taste to all your meat dishes. We procure all the raw ingredients and prepare the remarkably flavourful meat masala.

Sambar Masala

Gajanan Sambar Masala is a perfect blend of spices to make the mouthwatering Sambar an indispensable dish to delicious South Indian meals.

Sabji Masala

Our sabji Masala is a blend of spices that gives the fragrance to a typical Indian sabji. With Gajanan Sabji Masala, we give a little twist to your favourite sabji.

Briyani Masala

Fragrant and aromatic, the Gajanan Biryani Masala is a unique spice blended powder essential for a perfectly rich biryani. Our spice is a blend of high-quality aromatic spices curated by expert chefs.

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