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Tribute to our Founder-Shri. Kanji J Bhimani

The life of Kanji Jamandas Bhimani (1927-2018) is an inspiration and a saga to be remembered by generations to come. He hailed from a small town by the Gulf of Kutch, Mandvi. Although he left India for Zanzibar during his teens, he came back when India gained independence to etch his life here with his family.

After his return, he moved to an unknown territory called Nizamabad. Coming from the entrepreneurial clan of Bhatias, he was ready to take on the new challenge. He entered the unknown territory of rice industry with the help of his uncle. Although they struggled for the initial two decades, they never compromised on honesty and humility.

When he lost his father at 30, he shouldered the responsibility of his entire family fearlessly. He built Gajanan Industries with the help of his brothers which has not only emerged as one of the leaders in the rice industry today but also stands for ethics, quality and trust across the globe.

Over the years, Kanji became synonymous with brotherhood, family values and ethical business. The values of Kanji have been inculcated by each member of the Bhimani family today which helped them emerge as winners in their chosen paths. Kanji’s brothers and their kids strengthened Gajanan Industries in India whereas his sons Vinesh and Rajesh built Kimoha Entrepreneurs Limited at Dubai, a global leader in the printing industry.

Kanji always believed in the importance of values rather than revenues. The seeds of values sown by Kanji seven decades ago have grown into a big banyan tree that sustains both Gajanan and Kimoha families. In this era of entrepreneurship, companies come and go in flashes and very few emerge as champions. The reason behind their sustainability is values. And the one to envision this years ago was none other than Kanji Jamandas Bhimani.

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