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We stay true to the belief that great employees make great products. And to ensure that each member of our team is happy, we make them feel valued. Team Gajanan receives the best opportunities for sustainable growth.

Our team members go beyond their assigned roles to engage in an assortment of activities that contributes to their growth, both personally and professionally. We organise inter-company tournaments, monthly meets, training programmes, seminars, etc. at regular intervals. Each member of Team Gajanan participates in various knowledge-building programs irrespective of their position. Our members are also recognised for their achievements and appreciated with rewards and titles such as Star Performer, Extra Efforts, and Constant Efforts.

We have incorporated the essence of employee engagement quite intricately and in every aspect of our work culture. This has resulted in high retention of our employees. The average service period of members of Team Gajanan is not less than 12 years.

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