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Shree Gajanan Industries is committed to giving back and contribute to the betterment of society. We are actively involved in various charitable activities and events.

Here are a few initiatives that Shree Gajanan Industries is actively involved in:

1. Kakatiya Sandbox

Kakatiya Sandbox’s initiative, operations, and approach are modeled on Deshpande Foundation’s Hubballi Sandbox. It brings about sustainable development at the grassroots with a diverse range of activities. Gajanan collaborates with Kakatiya Sandbox to create integrated approaches and collaborative learning to benefit society the most.

2. Deshpande Educational Trust

Shree Gajanan Industries joined hands with this pioneering skill development organization initiated by the Deshpande Foundation in 2010. Apart from fulfilling the pressing need for skilled human resources, it empowered the rural youth through a 4-month course in skill development. Gajanan has also been instrumental in setting up a Business Simulation Model for better understanding. It arranges for regular factory tours coupled with guest lectures.

3. LEAD Abhyasa

Deshpande Foundation initiated the LEaders Accelerating Development (LEAD) programme. Gajanan joined hands with the Deshpande Foundation to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among college students by providing them with proper exposure to social issues and urging them to give their time and energy to volunteer for the betterment of the community. Gajanan was the first to moot the idea of initiating college graduates to Practical Work Exposure, wherein the students get to spend 10 hours a week, learning and working on various assignments.

4. Agastya Foundation

Collaborating with the Agastya Foundation Gajanan endeavours to spark curiosity, nurture it and instill confidence among the economically deprived children and teachers in the country. Gajanan supports this foundation, which is part of Kakatiya Sandbox, by organizing events and providing the necessary logistical support.

5. Goushala

‘Gau rakshan’ or protection of the sacred cow is at the heart of Gajanan. We are one of the highest contributors towards the Goushala Fund, maintained by the Agricultural Produces Traders and Processors. We are concerned about abandoned cows that are not cared for after they stop yielding milk. We ensure that these cows live a peaceful and dignified life befitting its sacredness. We ensure that fodder and water are provided to them around the clock.

6. Farmer’s Education

Shree Gajanan Industries, in collaboration with Kakatiya Sandbox, through its platform ‘Development Dialogue,’ addresses local farmers on the merits of organic farming. It is an international social entrepreneurship ecosystem conference hosted at Nizamabad. Numerous social entrepreneurs and environmentalists, who believe in creating ecosystems that nurture nature through social innovation and entrepreneurship, are involved in this initiative.

7. TiE Nizamabad

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Nizamabad strives to boost entrepreneurship in the region. Gajanan, in collaboration with TiE, assists with the corpus created for building and nurturing the startup ecosystem. The startups focus in areas such as agri-tech and help farmers supplement their income. Over 25,000 farmers are covered in this noble initiative, and Gajanan is proud to be part of it.

8. Campus Interviews

Shree Gajanan Industries helps young graduates with their career goals. Gajanan participates in campus recruitment drive for its sister concern in Dubai. Gajanan interacts with universities to develop a curriculum that bridges the gap between industry and educational institutions. Gajanan believes in empowering the rural youth by putting them on the road to progress. Gajanan’s untiring efforts are focused on creating a culture of togetherness. It provides equal opportunities for local youth to create a sustainable ecosystem.

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