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Processing & Technology:

Our team of expert fieldmen selects premium paddy, grain by grain, to ensure high quality and consistency. The procurement is then cleaned thoroughly and conditioned uniformly to maintain moisture level with the help of a modern, electronically-controlled environment.

The entire process involves cleaning, de-stoning and de-shelling. This produces brown rice which requires the removal of the outer layer of rice bran through abrasive action and polishing by means of friction with high-pressure air and mist. Using a modern and computerized plant makes sure maximum vitamins are preserved in the rice.

The plant features modern equipment to sort, separate and grade paddy at various stages of the production process. Following the removal of broken grains and bran, the rice is collected and further sorting of each grain is done by a color sorting machine to remove discolored or unwanted elements of foreign matter before packing and weighing.

Our team makes sure the quality of the product is maintained by carrying out quality checks at every stage of the process. No effort is spared to ensure the delivery of high-quality rice to the consumer.

Food Safety & Quality Policy:

Our goal is to be innovative in advanced technology in the non-Basmati rice segment with complete commitment towards quality and achieve customer satisfaction through the effective implementation of quality systems and food safety standards.

These tailored practices ensure us to maintain our high standards:

  • Quality paddy procurement
  • Maintenance of proper storage facilities
  • Practice of personal hygiene
  • Practice of personal hygiene
  • Compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Fair trade business practices
  • Regular management review meetings and audits

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