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Our priority has always been delivering quality product on a consistent basis while zeroing in on our mission. We strive towards this by optimizing our processes through apt certifications and employee training. These processes are reviewed and revised at prescribed regular intervals.

All complaints are directly monitored by the management (partners) and the corrective action, if any, is cross-verified by the management. The management has an efficient system in place to make sure that none of the complaints, feedback or suggestions go unheard or unattended.

All the emails received on customer care email directly get delivered to the Head, Finance & Compliance along with any feedback or message received on the Social Media pages.

Most of the information required by the user or customer conforms to legal requirements and is freely available on the company website and is displayed on the product packages as well.

We believe in ethical and fair trade as well as declaring the different variants of the product on the pack itself, not only as a text declaration but using color variations too.

The same information has also been printed behind each visiting card so that the customer gets what she or he is looking for.  An abstract of the same is pasted below for ready reference which is also printed on all the products, visiting cards, and promotional marketing materials.

In order to address the expectations of the customer and her/his requirements, we have upgraded from ISO 22000 to FSSC 22000 and recently qualified under GFSI standard Certification. Gajanan was the first rice mill to be certified in the non-Basmati segment.

Our unfailing consistence in terms of quality and delivery system has been appreciated by our customers and won us many awards too.

  • National Quality Award from Aditya Birla Retail Limited (ABRL) for efficient supply to both the states of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh – Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
  • State Quality awards from ABRL since the past 5 years for lowest rejection, consistent quality and more than 95% fill-rate
  • Team Gajanan was also recognized by Walmart, India, for its consistency in quality and it is the only unit in Telangana to have qualified for packing private label for Walmart, India
    Gajanan is also happy to have been honored with CFBP award in the year 2001.

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